Why DCL?


At DCL, all our coaches know our members on a first name basis. We go the extra mile to listen to your needs, focus on your performance and provide specific feedback. Our coaches focus on form and technique, which will help members safely see improvements in weightlifting and endurance performance. We are a true community focused on helping each other succeed. You will never be just a face in the crowd at DCL.


At some CrossFit gyms, you’ll find yourself lost in an overcrowded class. At CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab we cap off our class sizes. Every class will always have at least a 10:1 member to coach ratio. Our small class sizes allow for better focus on performance.


We are located just off 101st Airborne Division Pkwy. intersection. Many of our members are active military personnel and make the short drive from Ft. Campbell each day. Whether we’re on your way to or from work, you’re going to enjoy the close location!


Sometimes your goals are specific. Are you a soldier trying to improve your PT Test score? An athlete looking to be more competitive? Whatever your situation is, we are here to help. All of our programming is created by Coach Matt (CrossFit Level 3 Certified/Certified CrossFit Trainer). Personal and distance programming is tailored to your needs on a weekly basis based on your progression toward your goals. People who cannot physically make it to the gym to work out have the option to do distance programming. We enjoy programming for member who have moved away, deployed soldiers, and other who are not able to come to CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab.
If personal or distance programming is what you’re looking for, send us an email or call to arrange a time to sit down and discuss your goals.


Both within and outside of the box DCL members constantly find themselves gathered together. Throughout the year we come together to celebrate holidays and special events. You might find us gathered in the gym for a birthday, a baby shower, a farewell or other special celebrations. We meet out of the box to attend local events too. CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab is more than just a gym where people walk in, work out, and leave. We take an interest in each other’s lives which is evident in our camaraderie.


We now offer childcare for some of our morning and evening classes in our designated childcare room. This provides our athletes with a non interrupted time of fitness. We have amazing childcare workers who truly love our DCL kiddos!



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