Summer Baker

crossfit dunbar cave lab

I’m Summer! I’m a wife and mama of 2. We are an army family and have been here almost a year! I’m also a substance abuse therapist in town. 
I started CrossFit in July last year. I was a long distance competitive runner all through high school and college and honestly, after having my first kid running was never the same and I hated it! However, I have also battled eating disorders and body image disorders for years and running had become the thing I did to “stay skinny.” I noticed I didn’t really have any strength- could run for miles but could barely carry a laundry basket upstairs. I reached a low point last year with my struggles and had to make a decision to either continue torturing myself or make a change. I also had my daughter to think about. I knew if I kept on, she would catch on. I couldn’t stand the thought of my daughter hating herself the way I did. 
I reluctantly joined CrossFit. I had the typical fear of “getting bulky.” But I have kept up with it. I surprised myself at how much strength I already had- and am super surprised at the strength I’ve gained! And the most amazing thing CrossFit has done for me is taught me to love myself. I can whole heartedly say I haven’t battled eating or body image issues in MONTHS! I feel so free! I also love that I can continue challenging myself and I can continue getting stronger. I have already taken steps to overcome fears and challenge my mental game by getting my first competition out of the way! And lastly, I’ve met some of the most amazing humans at this gym. DCL is a treasure to me. The people and the sport of CrossFit have allowed me to find myself a bit (cheesy but I don’t care) and be comfortable with who I am while challenging me to be even better than before!

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