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Teen Classes

CrossFit DCL offers specialty teens classes for children aged 9-17. The goal for this program is to focus on the health and wellbeing of the child. Coach Katie Estell leads the classes and places an emphasis on how the body moves at the youth level, not necessarily how much weight a child moves. The driving focus on the instruction will always be having fun, growing as a person, and proper form. There are two groups for the class: the minors and the majors. The minors class consists of new athletes and is based on skill and correct movement patterns. The majors will be a promotion-based class made up of athletes formerly in the minors course who will move up as the coach assesses their physical movements, work ethic and maturity level in the gym. If your child is interested in the teens program at DCL, check out class times and packages or reach out to Coach Katie at

Gym Etiquette

Your experience is important to us. Here are some friendly suggestions to help us create great experiences and happy atmosphere for you and your fellow athletes.


Please Respect your coaches time and the time of your fellow athletes


Dress to workout, be prepared to sweat

 Keep Chalk in Buckets

No-one likes to do burpees in a cloud of gym chalk.  Please don’t leave blocks of chalk laying on the ground


DCL is a family.  Cheer each other on to the end

 Keep Cell Phones off the Gym Floor

Focus on your lifting, for 1 hour a day be selfish and focus on yourself.


Tennessee is HOT!!! Stay hydrated and stay safe