Sara Lucas


I’ve always been active throughout my life, from playing sports myself as a kid/adult, to coaching my kids sports, or just simply being active. 

Some of my favorite sports to play are Softball and Volleyball!! So it was all too fitting that I found CrossFit in 2017 when I started playing Volleyball with a group of CFDCL athletes/coaches. 

Once I started doing CrossFit, I knew I’d found a passion. I had finally found something that I not only loved to do, but it also motivated me to get up and workout each morning, which would help keep me in shape so that I could stay active for years to come! 

After a few years as an athlete, I found that I was constantly striving to do more, to reach for that next skill or hit that next lift, and I wanted to be able to help others reach their goals as well, so I went for my CFLV1 in Feb 2020 and have been coaching ever since. 

In addition to my CFLV1, I have also completed Gymnastics and Weightlifting courses, and am always looking for new ways to enhance my skillset. 

CrossFit, and really fitness as a whole has become a staple in my life as an athlete, as a coach, and just as a way to be social. 

It isn’t just about the fitness, it’s about the community and the support and the hard work and about coming together to improve our everyday lives. 

I love that I get to help our athletes improve their lives both inside and outside the gym, and more so that this community that CrossFit has helped to build, has made it so that my athletes are like my family. 


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Functional Gymnastics Trainer
  • Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1


ADDRESS: 207 Harnett Ct. • Clarksville, TN
PHONE: 931.217.9246

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