BLUF: Still cut the sugar, but enjoy your autumn!

Autumn usually brings to mind familiar things, like falling leaves, cooler weather, PSLs, and Rob and I finally wearing shirts (jk). For others, it’s a time to splurge on candy and… more PSLs. We all want to soak-in those fall wonders as much as the next, but let’s consider how to do it in a perhaps healthier manner.

First, the autumn (daily) essential: Coffee.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar kills you, because so does Type-2. Creamer is great, but most brands are loaded with sugary additives or substitutes that raise your blood-sugar levels, and therefore tumble us just a bit further down the insulin-resistant rabbit-hole. Consider trying your favorite brew blended with a tablespoon of unsalted butter; it’s quick to prep (especially if you have an individual-serving-style blender), healthier than the sugary norm, and surprisingly great tasting. Just brew a cup, plop in a Tspn of butter, blend, and pour back into that cool/weird coffee mug you’ve got, and enjoy! If your tummy (brain) is happier in the cool autumn breeze with some sweetness, then mix-in a teaspoon on a healthy sweetener like Zevia. You can sub-in coconut oil for butter, but beard-wielders beware, the looming coconut-ish taste on your ‘stache is not too pleasing hours later. If this all reminds you of “bulletproof” coffee… it should, because that’s just doing this same thing with a tablespoon butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil in your coffee. Boom. Speaking of “boom”… make sure you’re within sprint distance of a loo when drinking lots of this first thing in the morning. Enjoy!

Second, a fall (anytime) luxury: Dessert.

Just because we cut back on sugar, does NOT mean we can’t have dessert! Like wine, people have rationalized eating dark (very dark) chocolate “because it has antioxidants.” Let’s not go there, but the point is that some small sweets won’t annihilate your body in small doses, so of all the sweet seasons, perhaps enjoy some now that the weather is cooling off. Generally, the darker the chocolate, the less sugar was used to make it, so the “healthier” of an alternative it is (and the more bitter). Consider that once our pallets (re)adjust to having less sugar, not-so-sweet foods taste better to us, including this stuff! So, while you’re sipping that buttery coffee, enjoy a piece or seven of some (super-duper) dark chocolate.

Butter/Coconut Coffee info can be found here:

More info on reasons (excuses) to eat dark chocolate can be found here:

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