“The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable”.
The human being is a creature that seeks comfort. We like to live in our comfort zones. Our houses are set to a comfortable temperature, we set our music to levels to take our mind off of working out, even our clothing is scientifically engineered to reduce the sweat. We despise being uncomfortable. Unfortunately for most of us, however, it’s at a level on being uncomfortable that we will see the greatest changes in our lives.
The reason I love the sport of CrossFit, and coincidently why many hate it in my opinion, is that it pulls us outside of our comfort zones. Very few people actually enjoy breathing hard and lifting heavy stuff. The reason we try to put ourselves in these situations is the physiological stimulus that is achieved from these types of workouts is far greater than a stimulus achieved from the normal low-intensity workout. If you have ever completed a Spartan Race, attended Army Ranger School, or have gone for your doctorate you will know that these achievements are not going to be attained inside a comfort zone. You must step outside your comfort zone in order to achieve any great thing. CrossFit, I believe, is the perfect way to train to get out of your comfort zone. In order to beat that person in your class or to get a new personal record (PR), you have to push past where your brain tells you to slow down. There is an old saying that your brain will quit well before your body does. Achieving these records are great for testing your fitness and they are quantifiable in that way but I am of the belief that you are not just stronger physically you are stronger mentally. You pushed past where your comfort zone was that last time you did that workout or you attempted that lift. You got out of your own way and achieved what you couldn’t do before. Why is this so important to life? It’s very simple. The gym is a controlled setting but I, as the programmer, control your level of discomfort. If you can’t deal with discomfort in the gym how will you handle the discomfort in the real world? I am constantly pushing the limits of my comfort level so I can handle any situation life throws at me with a clear and level head. I try and start my day on a level of discomfort by taking cold showers. Besides the physiological benefits of a cold shower, the mental benefits are amazing. I start my day with a level of discomfort and tell myself that “it’s not that bad. I can handle this.” Imagine going through the day and when a situation presents itself that puts you in a level of discomfort, how much more soothing and relaxing it will be if you can just tell yourself that “it’s not that bad. I can handle this.”
It’s human nature to seek comfort. We tend to avoid discomfort in all aspects of our lives. The more we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations however, the better we will be able to react to these situations when we aren’t in control. We must be able to react with sound reasoning and a steady mind in those situations and the best way to prepare for those is practice being in uncomfortable positions.

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