Hope everyone’s had a great week. While we’re all still digesting the quantity/quality quandary from the nutrinformational segment from last week, let’s see what we can cook up for a balanced meal for this weekend (also a relatively easy meal-prep dish):
“Simple Chicken Dinner”:
Protein: Palm(of your hand)-sized amount of grilled chicken breast, seasoned with salt and lemon-pepper
Carbs: Handful-sized amount of cooked white rice drizzled with lemon juice (we’ll eventually discuss rice…), handful-sized amount of cooked broccoli seasoned with salt and pepper
Fat: Thumb-sized amount of cashews or almonds
* Serve in a… bowl (or something).
Bonus Dessert “Dreamcicle):
1 Orange or 2 Mandarins
1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
* Keep coconut oil in the refrigerator to make it somewhat solidified, chip-out chunks with a spoon, and enjoy the flavorful balance of the crunchy coconut oil and juicy orange.
Next week, let’s dish-up some discussion on juicing (fruit, not ‘roids), and why it may not be such a healthy option after all!

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