Labrats, hello!

Today in the MindLab, let us ponder the prolific pandora of postured anxiety-reducing practice via yoga. We all experience stress and anxiety: cell phone notifications, emails, work to-dos, home to-dos, “honey-dos,” “honey-don’t-evers,” not enough time, not enough energy, not enough motivation, self-defeating talk, impossible self standards, overthinking the world around you in every way and at all times, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep… 2018 is nuts, we’re all trackin’.
[Those of you still in the military are already steeped in craziness, so you may not be privy to the increasing craziness in everyday “civvi” life… oh, but it’s there. Lurkin’ around and making things weird, waiting to keep you from “being present” even for a second of the day, and from chilling out when it’s perhaps needed most… much like your time in service!]
One way that we, as athletes, can fight the tsunami of stress is through practicing yoga. A good post-workout cool-down, a limbering approach to beginning or ending your day, or as shown HERE, an effective way to let your past and future worries be set aside in order to explore the wonderful world of the PRESENT. “Yoga with Adriene” is a Youtube channel featuring… Adriene, who guides us through useful and topically-focused yoga sessions for increasing our overall wellbeing. In the video linked above (“HERE”) and provided below, you can find a way to yoga your way to reduced stress, perhaps enabling your mind to find some contentedness from the crazy notification-filled world, and your body to relax in prep or conclusion of your day.
Stay cool, enjoy the present today, and lift hard.

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