Yoga for Anxiety

Labrats, hello! Today in the MindLab, let us ponder the prolific pandora of postured anxiety-reducing practice via yoga. We all experience stress and anxiety: cell phone notifications, emails, work to-dos, home to-dos, “honey-dos,” “honey-don’t-evers,” not enough time, not enough energy, not enough motivation, self-defeating talk, impossible self

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Hello MindLab Rats!   Today let’s talk about stress, and a cool little technique that can be employed to keep those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety or unease at bay.   This is known in some circles as “the spiral technique” or the “energy ball technique,” and it

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Don’t Forget Your Mental health!

Don't Forget Your Mental health!

DCL, hello! This is another introduction message, this time for the part of us seldom improved upon… our psyche! We will be mixing these MindLab updates into our weekly repertoire for the same goal as always: to help us all be as healthy and fit as possible!

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